Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Run Tri Chat #2: 2/16/11 - Jake and Jason

Welcome to Episode #2 of the Run Tri Chat Podcast where your favourite podcasters get together for a virtual chat about issues in running, triathlon, and the endurance sport lifestyle! Sit back and enjoy!

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Your hosts for this episode:

Barb: Kelownagurl Tris Podcast

Jake: Run Like Health Podcast

Jason: Mainely Triathlon Podcast

Topic of this episode:

In this episode, Jake, Jason, and Barb talk about training for a Half Iron distance triathlon.


"Own True Way" and "Company of Fools" by Great Big Sea

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Tim said...

Great episode! Loved all the chatter. I have a few comments also.

1st. The reason you do at least 3 swim workouts per week is not to swim faster (although that might just happen too). It is so that you don't feel like #@$ coming out of the water in a race. You may not gain minutes in the swim but you will gain minutes in the bike and run because you feel good coming out of the swim.

2nd. Ironman is DO-ABLE! I did it, you can do it, just have to WANT to DO IT. :-)

3rd. If you watch and IM, you WILL sign up.

4th. Nutrition is something you need to practice every training swim/ride/run so that you know what works on race day.

Ok, that is all.

Great job, can't wait to hear your updates later in the season.

Elements of Erin 337 said...

Ok, one more thing...that was me that posted the comment above. I guess I was logged in as my husband, Tim.

No one is perfect. Doh!