Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Run Tri Chat #4: 3/2/11 - Gordon, Jason, and Lam - Speed!

Welcome to Episode #4 of the Run Tri Chat Podcast where your favourite podcasters get together for a virtual chat about issues in running, triathlon, and the endurance sport lifestyle! Sit back and enjoy!

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Your hosts for this episode:

Barb: Kelownagurl Tris Podcast

Gordon: This Running Life

Jason:  Geeks in Running Shoes

Lam:  The Running Lam

Topic of this episode:

In this episode, Gordon, Jason, Lam, and Barb talk about the perception of speed in running - why do we compare and label people, and who decides what 'slow' and 'fast' really is?


"Own True Way" and "Company of Fools" by Great Big Sea

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Download an mp3 of the show here.

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